Friday, February 17, 2012

The TWEEN book is here!

Our TWEEN edition is now available with a whole new set of questions geared to the concerns of parents of tweens (testing the limits of their pre-teen boundaries). Here's a scenario that you might've faced recently--or that you might face soon. Let us know (in the survey to the right) what YOU would do!

Extravagant Gift

Your daughter wants to give $100 cash to her new best friend for her Bat Mitzvah. You think it is too much money and shows her insecurity and a desire to “buy” her friend’s friendship. 

She says she’ll use her own money, money that she was given for her own birthday.

What Would You Do?

a) It’s her money so it should be her decision.

b) Consult your friends and find out if this gift is in the normal range. If they approve, give the green light.

c) Have your daughter purchase a gift that is more meaningful and certainly would cost less than $100.

d) Set a limit of $25 or something in tune with your family budget; more than that is out of line.

Follow-up questions that readers have asked:

Where do you draw the line? You know your daughter wants her gift to be noticed (and appreciated), but...are you teaching her that friendship can be bought?

What if she's invited to 10 more bat mitzvahs?!

Post a comment and let us know what you think!

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